Drums and percussion are among the oldest musical instruments and have been documented as being used for over 8000 years.

The daff frame drum is shaped as a frame drum and used in popular, classical and mystical music and is commonly found in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Iran. The frame is typically made of hardwood with the membrane usually of skin types such as cow, goat, horse or even plastic.

Frame drums are increasingly becoming an integral part of healing circles, music therapy settings, team building sessions and within facilitated drumming circles.

Frame drums are often viewed as easier to use than other drums, based on their simple design, easy to handle and the method of playing. Its shape allows beginners to drum out a rhythm easily whilst encourage those with differing abilities to enjoy the benefits of rhythm, melody and music therapy.


Saema Mohammad Khaleel Muhammad
Mystic Beats has delivered numerous workshops for An Nisa Network. Each time Robina has delivered with passion, enthusiasm and great energy! She creates a great learning atmosphere and lifts the spirits of the learners! We look forward to working with Mystic Beats again.
Saema Mohammad
Founder, An Nisa Network
Robina’s classes are a great way for anyone to try their hand at duff playing regardless of experience. Having worked with her, I have seen first-hand the care and patience she has for all her students. She caters to a wide range of ages and all are welcome!
Khaleel Muhammad
Nasheed Artist
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