Mystic Beats has been delivering Online Workshops for several years. They have been very popular for both Children and Ladies.  During the workshops, learners have worked as a team and individually encouraging and supporting each other to do their best. It’s been a pleasure to see all the Smiley Faces around the Globe on screen, enjoying and feeling the rhythm of the Daff.

The ‘Golden moment’ for the facilitator is when the learners are able to play the beat AND sing at the same time. Those expressions are priceless! Curious to see what’s going on at Mystic Beats; get in touch today to Register your interest in our Courses by clicking here

I HIGHLY recommend taking this class! Ive learnt so much already. Sister Robina is an amazing teacher. She is kind and patient and brings so much positive energy Masha Allah!!! I love you!!! (Shazia Malik, USA)