The children’s Daff workshops have been very popular throughout the UK, with new requests coming in all the time. There are wonderful memories from the workshops delivered in Derby, Keighley, Sheffield and Nottingham. The children love to learn about the history to the Daff Drum, how the rhythms are played and are pleasantly surprised to realise that the Drumming workshop also includes some Singing! Three hours later, after lots of Drumming, singing, questions, competitions with prizes, the children feel energised, wanting to learn more rhythms and even more songs! Mystic Beats has also been able to deliver part two to these Workshops which leads to a Certificate of Achievement – something for the Children to be very proud of!

We hosted Mystic Beats at the Hubb, Sheffield. Everyone was mesmerised by her Daffing! Robina is truly gifted MashaAllah in her voice, Daff rhythm and in her wonderful personality. (Shubnum Ahmed, The Hubb Sheffield)