Wonderful experience to be part of Family Retreats – there is something for everyone! Mystic Beats has performed at the Minhaj Sisters Tazkiya Retreat and been an integral part of Karimia Institutes Family Camp – lots of Daff workshops with talented children across the UK, a Ladies Mawlid and not forgetting Drumming to Nasheeds around the Campfire, with Marshmallows of course!

We invited Mystic Beats to our Spiritual Retreat (Al-Tazkiya) in October 2018 after hearing so many positive reviews from sisters. Subhanallah her melodious voice enchanted the whole audience and the best part was the Qawwali she performed. Robina has an amazing control over her voice and Daff – her performance kept the audience mesmerised! (Ansa Rauf, President, Minhaj Sisters UK)