One of Mystic Beats’ passions is to celebrate diversity and promote mutual understanding and respect for one another. It therefore always wonderful when we are invited to perform at events such as the Annual Celebration of the Sash Community Soup Kitchen, performing with our Muslims and Jewish friends. Having the opportunity to deliver a Drumming workshop at Kingswood Church to a group of elderly women (as part of the Muslim Christian Forum) was amazing, the highlight of which has to be drumming to Hymns! Surely we have more in common than which divides us….

It is always a pleasure to see Robina organising people, and young people in particular, into the drum circle at the Salam Shalom Kitchen. The creativity, spontaneity and the pure joy of this activity always creates a relaxing, happy and friendly atmosphere. At the same time it teaches people a new skill aswell. Thank you Robina! (Rabbi Tatsiana Sakhnovich, Nottingham Liberal Synagogue)