The Online Drumming and Nasheed Workshops have become increasingly popular for both Children and Ladies, with new courses becoming available all the time. In particular, the learners have enjoyed connecting with others around the Globe; an opportunity that was previously not so readily available.

The Online workshops are usually 4-6 weeks and last around an hour to an hour and a half, depending on group sizes and abilities.

During the workshops, learners begin their journey to explore the role of the Daff Drum in history, have an opportunity to learn basic beats and then enhance and layer them into advanced beats as their confidence increases. They experience the joy of discovering how to apply the beats to their favourite Songs.  The learners leave the sessions feeling at peace yet invigorated, wanting to embrace more rhythms and even more Songs.

One-to-One Online sessions are also available across the globe.


Sabz NurShazia Malik
Jazak Allah Khair! Loved your class, Alhumdulillah - totally a new beginner here and loved your enthusiastic way of teaching and connecting with your students online. Very inclusive and a fun environment! Love to practice the daff in family mawlids.
Sabz Nur
I HIGHLY recommend taking this class! Ive learnt so much already. Sister Robina is an amazing teacher. She is kind and patient and brings so much positive energy Masha Allah!!! I love you!!!
Shazia Malik

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For females
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A hugely enjoyable daff class, thank you! You’re a wonderful teacher who is not only very talented and patient; but your enthusiasm and energy is infectious. You’re right about drumming/singing being the ultimate stress-buster! This class has become the highlight of my week (Aneesa Hashim, UK)

Robina’s teaching style is very precise and easy to follow. She believes in you, encourages you to come out of your comfort zone in a very tactful way. I really enjoyed her classes and would recommend it to anyone! (Jamela Aintrazi, USA)

For children
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Mystic Beats is amazing – its about playing the Daff, reciting Nasheeds and opening your heart upto Allah(swt)and sending blessings to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (Qasim Mahmood, aged 10) 

The children’s Daff workshop is actually a lot of fun as Aunty Robina is calm (and entertaining) as she will help you with the Daffing. (Nimanah Ahmed, UK)