‘those who play the Daff are making Salawat with their hands’

One of Mystic Beats desires is to encourage positivity and creativity to promote a positive image of Islam and to enhance the Remembrance of Allah(swt) and His Beloved (saw) in the heart through Inshaads and Daff Drumming.

Mystic Beats has co-hosted a range of events across the UK with prominent artists such as Nader Khan (Canada) and delivering workshops with Khaleel Muhammad and drumming for live performances by  Nasheed artists such as Mikaeel Mala, Zeeshan Tariq, Ahmed Rubani and Abbas Hussain.

Mystic Beats has delivered a range of Daff Workshops at several Mosques, International Charities and Islamic Retreats such as Karimia Institute, Muslim Hands, As-Siraat, Interpal, Minhajul Quran and the Rahman Institute.

Abbas HussainQasim MahmoodSakina & Rabiah
A highly recommended Nasheed and Daff Teacher, who has played for me at several festivals and events.
Abbas Hussain
Nasheed Artist, UK
Mystic Beats is amazing – its about playing the Daff, reciting Nasheeds and opening your heart upto Allah(swt)and sending blessings to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Qasim Mahmood
aged 10
The Rabbani Project invited Mystic Beats to a panel discussion to share her story as a UK female Muslim Artist, deliver a workshop and to perform at our Annual Ladies of Light Mawlid. Its great to work with such a passionate and full of energy individual who remined us of the importance of connecting to fellow drummers.
Sakina & Rabiah
Pearls of Islam

Daff Workshops

Mystic Beats delivers bespoke Daff workshops throughout the UK to suit your preferences. These can range from half a day workshop through to a series of workshops to build on the skills of the learners.

Farhana SethArsala BegShabnum Ahmed
Just had a Daff workshop with Robina in Bolton and it was AWESOME! She is an amazing and very patient teacher Alhamdulillah
Farhana Seth
Great experience of learning with wonderful Robina. She helped me develop my passion for playing the daff and she taught in a very easy and straightforward way
Arsala Beg
Wakefield, UK
We hosted Mystic Beats at the Hubb, Sheffield. Everyone was mesmerised by her Daffing! Robina is truly gifted MashaAllah in her voice, Daff rhythm and in her wonderful personality
Shabnum Ahmed
The Hubb Sheffield


Mystic Beats is honoured to have performed multi-lingual Inshaad at several events throughout UK and has played a key part in reviving the art of Qawwalis by performing them with a team at several events across the UK.  Events include the Ladies of Light Annual Mawlid (hosted by the Rabbani Project), Greensgate Trust Annual Ladies Mawlid, Rabia Institute Graduation Ceremony and Open Day (Halifax). Minhaj

Mystic Beats also seeks opportunities to promote community cohesions, celebrate diversity and promote Interfaith work.  This has included delivering workshops at a Muslim/Jewish Community Soup Kitchen, drumming at Kingswood Church Ladies Group and a performance at the Multifaith Centre in Derby University.

Ansa RaufUstadha RummanaRabbi Tatsiana SakhnovichAmnah Shah
We invited Mystic Beats to our Spiritual Retreat (Al-Tazkiya) in October 2018 after hearing so many positive reviews from sisters. Subhanallah her melodious voice enchanted the whole audience and the best part was the Qawwali she performed. Robina has an amazing control over her voice and Daff – her performance kept the audience mesmerised!
Ansa Rauf
President, Minhaj Sisters UK
We booked Mystic Beats for our Annual Souls of Love event and SubhanAllah words cant express the atmosphere that was felt in the Madrassa whilst they performed. From the youngsters to the elders, everyone joined in and the whole gathering was uplifting. One of the best gatherings I have attended.
Ustadha Rummana
Rahman Institute Bradford
It is always a pleasure to see Robina organising people, and young people in particular, into the drum circle at the Salam Shalom Kitchen. The creativity, spontaneity and the pure joy of this activity always creates a relaxing, happy and friendly atmosphere. At the same time it teaches people a new skill aswell. Thank you Robina!
Rabbi Tatsiana Sakhnovich
Nottingham Liberal Synagogue
The drumming session at Wollaton’s Muslim & Christian Women’s Group went down a treat! It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone – thank you for the uplifting experience
Amnah Shah
Co-Chair Muslim Christian Forum
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