My Journey

I first developed my passion for singing when I was only 8 years old performing a variety of songs at my local Urdu School. Since then, my journey continued when I learnt a range of languages and performed in them at numerous events including regional talent competitions.  At the age of 18 years, I started to explore the path of Islamic Sufi Mysticism which led me to develop an interest into playing the Daff frame drum. I was soon noticed by my peers who encouraged me to teach the Daff drum and this led to the birth of Mystic Beats.

What is Mystic Beats?

Mystic Beats has been providing vocal skills sessions and Daff frame drum workshops for more than 15 years across the globe. The founder, Robina Din has received vocal training from her mother, from the family of renowned Inshaad singers Adel Brothers (Jordan) and Hooria Fahim (Pakistan).

Mystic Beats’ clients range from community organisations, international charities, primary and secondary schools, faith groups, through to weddings and birthday parties!

It is Robina’s dream to spread positivity, promote unity and peace and enhance wellbeing through the sounds of percussion.

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